Clarity of Purpose after the Storm

Houstonians have had our share of tragic weather events, but it doesn’t make this one any easier.  Despite the tragedy, it is amazing to see this city (and the country) come together and begin re-building.  Neighbors helping neighbors.  Strangers helping strangers.  As families move from the clean-up stage to the what’s-next stage, many are at a loss about where to go from here.  I’ve heard people in their state of shock, “Should we rebuild?”, “Do I retire earlier than we planned, sell the house and move to the Hill Country?” and “I don’t know what to do.”   

In the wake of difficult times, some people experience the clarity of mind to really understand what is important.  I heard a mother staring at her water-damaged belongings say, “These are just material items, they can be replaced.”  Taking stock of our physical assets can lead to evaluating other areas in our lives.

We go through our lives on a certain track, but sometimes inertia takes over and we lose sight of what brings meaning to our lives.  Events like Harvey may bring into focus what you would want to change and what possessions are worth replacing.  Figure out what is meaningful, and find what brings purpose and joy to your life.  Volunteering and donating are certainly ways to find meaning.  To help with the devastation so many are dealing with, here is a list of some of the many worthy charities.

Houston Food Bank

Houston Diaper Bank

Houston Habitat for Humanity

All Hands Volunteer

Salvation Army Houston

Jewish Family Service