Three Reasons Why Traders Should Hire an Advisor

Why would a commodity trader, a master of buying and selling some of the most volatile markets need to hire someone to help manage their wealth? Actually, there are some very good reasons an independent advisor can benefit you and your family in the long run:

Focus on What You Know: With a demanding profession, the burden of managing your assets may be a secondary concern. With an independent advisor, you are hiring a fiduciary who is looking out for your best interests.  An effective advisor will construct and manage a portfolio consistent with your objectives, allowing you to focus on the markets that should matter most—the ones you are trading—without worrying that your long term goals are at risk.

Harmful Myopia and Impulse Trading: While you are focused on your particular market, it is easy to extrapolate the fundamentals of your niche to the broader markets, even when that correlation may not exist, thus clouding your judgment. This may lead to rash “dump it all” or “buy everything” moves in your portfolio. Instinctual moves may be appropriate for your trading book, but may do irreparable harm to your longer term goals of paying for your children’s college and funding your retirement.

Make Lemonade from Lemons: With a volatile-earnings profession, there are tactics you can employ to take advantage of your lumpy income. For example, during low earnings years, consider Roth IRA conversions or opportunistically take long term capital gains on appreciated assets. On the flip-side, in high income years consider contributing to a Donor Advised Fund to lower your taxable income.

Separating the goals and risk profile of your job from that of your general overall wealth is critically important. Hiring a professional wealth manager for the bulk of your nest egg makes a lot of sense, for both your peace of mind and your wallet.


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